The Danube boat just arrived BRATISLAVA after passing a huge lock (third that we met after those 2 famous locks from Iron Gates corridor between serbia and romania). Vincent Voillat back to the boat filmed it as a plan-sequence. The other new residents are Joachim Montessuis (who was previsously on the Rhine boat), Piotr Talmachou (since Vukovar) that never stoped recording the life on the Boat, Frederik de Wilde (arrived in Budapest). A new assistant is also on-board, Sabrina, she helped a journalist from TELERAMA (french cultural magazine) to interview all the artist on-board.

The 6 days spent in BUDAPEST lead us to discover and record on of the major city of our Danube trip with its covered market and multiple bathes (brought by turkish that were not so bad invider in a way - cf previous post).

For some of us, this was also 1 or 2 days spent inside another bath : Sziget crowd. Sziget festival takes place on 6 days an island in the north of the city. An happy village that gathered teenagers (and their big-brothers and sisters...) from all over Europe. Many french were there and we met by chance some friends there (Romain and Moreau - hug).

The stay ended Tuesday August 19 by a performance for an exhibition opening in the frame of Szentendre Performance festival. Szentendre is a little town nearby Budapest situated alongside the Danube where there are a strong tradition of welcoming artists. It was also a place of freedom even during the communist period.