Amsterdam is a harbor. Inner waterways everywhere. Lots of boats everywhere but ours - a french Freycinet type boat - surprises all Dutch people. Here, everything is organised around the rivers and waterways

About residency : actually on the boat, Tamara Albaitis, the Panic City Boys

Both dudes from Panic City Boys radio show came to Amsterdam in order to meet John Sinclair. Formerly manager of the MC5 in the early 60’s, he now runs a radio show on RADIO FREE AMSTERDAM. Radio show feat. J. Sinclair coming next...

European Sound Delta Team had the opportunity to organise a gig feat. John Sinclair and a friend of him called Baba. location : OCCII (thx to OCCI team for welcoming us)

this happened last Tuesday the 19th of August. Other band were also performing great concerts : Bone Rattle and Yours Truly -> great concerts ! Available Archives

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