ESD danube boat is now travelling towards Budapest after a 2 days stop in Mohacs on the hungarian-croatian border. Mohacs battle took place in the 16th century. Soliman defeated the hungarian king Louis the 2nd and the event is still kept somewhere in national collective consciousness as a donward turning point [see : BATTLE OF MOHACS]. Now Mohacs is a quiet city of 20000 inhabitants with a new model army : customs & EU border police... still waiting for some turkish-style invasion (unless croatia & serbia enter the EU, sure it will happen)...

Next event SZENTENDRE (live with AMSTERDAM) tuesday August 19 (arround 9pm) with WPMG (BRA-FR) / PIOTR TALMACHOU (BIELORUSSIA) / FRED DE WILDE (BELGIUM) / JOACHIM MONTESSUIS (FR) and participation JOHN SINCLAIR (MC5-to be confirmed) live from AMSTERDAM + guests artists from BUDAPEST