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mardi 21 octobre 2008

Archipelagos / L’Archipel - Strasbourg 09/2008

Pendant 3 jours, sur les canaux strasbourgeois et dans le cadre du festival des Nuits Electroniques de l’Ososphère, un salon d’écoute flottant a présenté les pièces sonores créées cet été pendant la résidence mobile European Sound Delta (plus d’une trentaine de pièces sonores fabriquées avec le matériau collecté dans le cadre d’un vaste field recording dans plus de 11 pays et 18 villes). Le public de ces croisières a aussi assisté aux lives de Aki Onda (Jap-USA), Phill Niblock (USA), Katherine Liberovskaya (Can), Michel Guillet (Fr), Rainier Lericolais (Fr), Joachim Montessuis (Fr) et Philip Griffiths (Bra-Fr).

Sur le site Nuits électroniques de l’Ososphère, le Mirror Ball de Vincent Voillat (Fr) dévoilait des images de ce voyage au fil du Rhin et du Danube.

Le collectif MU tenait à remercier toutes celles et ceux - artistes, publics, organisateurs, ami(es) - impliquées ou concernées de plus ou moins près dans l’organisation de cet événement final qui nous a laissé un très bon souvenir.

L’Archipel a été réalisé avec le concours de la Ville de Strasbourg - Quatre 4.0 - VNF - Port Autonome de la Ville de Strasbourg et BATORAMA, Musée d’Art Moderne et Contemporain de Strasbourg

European Sound Delta est produit par MU-Fr, Rokolectiv-Ro et EU Spaces 21-Bg avec le soutien de : Programme Culture de l’Union Européenne, Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication, Ministerul Culturii si Cultelor, European Cultural Foundation, ArcelorMittal, Orange/Culture Mobile, Ville de Paris, Sycomore, Le Fresnoy, Nagra, Vivéole et REMU.

PHOTOS@Eric Daviron :

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lundi 15 septembre 2008

Between Nuremberg & Frankfurt

First boat brought the artists to Frankfurt and went back to Belgium. In the same time, other boat left the Danube and uses waterways (Danube-Main Channel) direction Frankfurt. Last boat call before Strasbourg where we’ll make the last event in

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lundi 8 septembre 2008

Koln (or Cologne) - POPNONAME welcome European Sound Delta

Sailing was hard to go from Arnhem (NL) to Koln (D). The Rhine is a huge river. Our boat "Le Gavroche" isn’t prepared enough to get up this river. We have a special captain owner of a special license. Then we made a boat call in Krefelder and the day after we reached Koln. THere we met Andreas Krause and Jens Uwe Beyer - our contact in Koln.

One day partying in Mulheimer Harbor, three days recording stuff (Jérôme Dumais and Carly - check their blog) and last day Headphone Festival with many participants in a very special place in Koln.

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dimanche 7 septembre 2008


The boat

Gael Segalen and S.I.C. Spectral Investigation Collective. .

Then Evelina Domnitch & Dmitry Gelfand came to feed us with their "Ten Thousand Peacock Feathers in Foaming Acid" lasers lights soap bubbles action

On Saturday Sept 6th, the Placard happened in Linz from 12PM to 12AM, with perfect weather and situation. We even had the annual Linz Fireworks show during the sets ! .

Domenico Sciajno and Tez

vendredi 5 septembre 2008



EUROPEAN SOUND DELTA IN LINZ - SEPTEMBER 5TH & 6TH 2008 Boat docked at ponton 12 under the Nibelungen-brücke, in front of the new Ars Electronica center.


• Spectral Investigations Collective (SIC) - Ewen Chardronnet (France), Aljosa Abrahamsberg (Slovenia), Horia Cosmin Samoïla (Romania) - Urban EM&radio waves interception of various signal territory layers - between lands, over borders, out of limits. • Konrad Becker (Global Security Alliance) - PsyOps sounds. • Joachim Montessuis (Erratum) - ultra vocals/wireless controllers/brain drones/field recordings compost. • WPMG (BR - UK - FR) - Site specific live performance.

VISUALS - Vincent Voillat (France) - Video from Danube Delta / Bulgaria / Antwerp / Rotterdam / Collectif MU (France) - shorts Lofi vidéos from the first half of the Danube journey / Global Security Alliance - peacekeeping video / Ewen Chardronnet & Hehe (Fr) - laser and video real-time sound-response.


Listening lounge (headphones performance) - each half hour an artist will perform with field recordings and sound pieces made on the boat + live performances from Le Placard headphone festival in Köln ( and guest artists from Austria. Participating artists : Spectral Investigations Collective (SIC) + Joachim Montessuis, WPMG, Gael Segalen, Sabrina Da Cunha, Christophe Grenouilloux…)

Singing Bridges (special performance) - Jodi Rose (Australia/Germany), Luka Princic (Slovenia), Aljosa Abrahamsberg (Slovenia), WPMG (BR - UK - FR) - field recordings, on-site interventions and transmissions from bridges on the Danube.

Brand new Ars Electronica center, view from the boat...

jeudi 4 septembre 2008


We have passed the 2000 km landmark of the Danube...

Horia Cosmin Samoïla @ work

samedi 30 août 2008

ARNHEM BEACH - One bridge too far !!!

LEAVING Amsterdam

Few days in Arnhem for half European Sound Delta Team (Lea, Tamara Albaitis, Carly and the boat team)

An improvised event in turkish restaurant owned by a guy involved in the Netherlands Turkish Community. Tamara played a track specially produced for this event and we watched several videos from the project. Nice town with a beach... Carly made is first recordings of the Rhine underwater with his hydrophonics microphones.

JPEG - 2.1 Mo
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JPEG - 2.3 Mo
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jeudi 28 août 2008


The boat just arrived in Vienna. Jodi Rose joined us in Bratislava juste before the departure. She’s recording the internal voices of the bridges she encounters on her road, and already started to tease Vienna’s ones. Our invited guests from the electromagnetic fields diggers S.I.C. (Spectral Investigations Collective : Horia Cosmin Samoïla, Aljosa Abrahamsberg, Ewen Chardronnet) are joining us here also, and will stay until the departure from LINZ where we will perform an OFF Ars Electronica event. Check the site for the news ;) And the swans around the boat that are trying to seduce us looks like a post Fennesz Touch label cover... Vienna style.

samedi 23 août 2008


The Danube boat just arrived BRATISLAVA after passing a huge lock (third that we met after those 2 famous locks from Iron Gates corridor between serbia and romania). Vincent Voillat back to the boat filmed it as a plan-sequence. The other new residents are Joachim Montessuis (who was previsously on the Rhine boat), Piotr Talmachou (since Vukovar) that never stoped recording the life on the Boat, Frederik de Wilde (arrived in Budapest). A new assistant is also on-board, Sabrina, she helped a journalist from TELERAMA (french cultural magazine) to interview all the artist on-board.

The 6 days spent in BUDAPEST lead us to discover and record on of the major city of our Danube trip with its covered market and multiple bathes (brought by turkish that were not so bad invider in a way - cf previous post).

For some of us, this was also 1 or 2 days spent inside another bath : Sziget crowd. Sziget festival takes place on 6 days an island in the north of the city. An happy village that gathered teenagers (and their big-brothers and sisters...) from all over Europe. Many french were there and we met by chance some friends there (Romain and Moreau - hug).

The stay ended Tuesday August 19 by a performance for an exhibition opening in the frame of Szentendre Performance festival. Szentendre is a little town nearby Budapest situated alongside the Danube where there are a strong tradition of welcoming artists. It was also a place of freedom even during the communist period.

vendredi 22 août 2008


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