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jeudi 21 août 2008

Amsterdam : Boats everywhere and Slam poetry with John Sinclair

Amsterdam is a harbor. Inner waterways everywhere. Lots of boats everywhere but ours - a french Freycinet type boat - surprises all Dutch people. Here, everything is organised around the rivers and waterways

About residency : actually on the boat, Tamara Albaitis, the Panic City Boys

Both dudes from Panic City Boys radio show came to Amsterdam in order to meet John Sinclair. Formerly manager of the MC5 in the early 60’s, he now runs a radio show on RADIO FREE AMSTERDAM. Radio show feat. J. Sinclair coming next...

European Sound Delta Team had the opportunity to organise a gig feat. John Sinclair and a friend of him called Baba. location : OCCII (thx to OCCI team for welcoming us)

this happened last Tuesday the 19th of August. Other band were also performing great concerts : Bone Rattle and Yours Truly -> great concerts ! Available Archives

JPEG - 35.2 ko
JPEG - 44.7 ko
JPEG - 40.6 ko
JPEG - 37.8 ko
JPEG - 58.8 ko
JPEG - 39.3 ko
JPEG - 73.8 ko
JPEG - 2 Mo

jeudi 14 août 2008


ESD danube boat is now travelling towards Budapest after a 2 days stop in Mohacs on the hungarian-croatian border. Mohacs battle took place in the 16th century. Soliman defeated the hungarian king Louis the 2nd and the event is still kept somewhere in national collective consciousness as a donward turning point [see : BATTLE OF MOHACS]. Now Mohacs is a quiet city of 20000 inhabitants with a new model army : customs & EU border police... still waiting for some turkish-style invasion (unless croatia & serbia enter the EU, sure it will happen)...

Next event SZENTENDRE (live with AMSTERDAM) tuesday August 19 (arround 9pm) with WPMG (BRA-FR) / PIOTR TALMACHOU (BIELORUSSIA) / FRED DE WILDE (BELGIUM) / JOACHIM MONTESSUIS (FR) and participation JOHN SINCLAIR (MC5-to be confirmed) live from AMSTERDAM + guests artists from BUDAPEST


mardi 12 août 2008

V2 Events - Rotterdam

Some pictures of the events @ V2. Rotterdam is calm and quiet in August. Tamara Albaitis just arrived from San Francisco join us there. First night : 6 local live acts + 2 live streams from Vukovar (Tanakan and Gaël Segalen) - on V2’s sound system : 3000 watts in 4 corners. Nice powerful sound (thx richard !). Second night : Placard event, headphones for everybody. The weird thing is that the Placard happened during the annual Rotterdam Dance Parade, which was quite the absolute reverse of what we tried to do @ V2. Huge sound systems were close to V2, and we had the visit of some kind of badly drugged and drunk people. Fight club & clash of cultures stuff. They kind of tried to kill and eat us but they got bored by our noisy bones.. Next stop : Amsterdam !!

JPEG - 610.8 ko
JPEG - 449.2 ko
JPEG - 672.9 ko
the park
JPEG - 266.2 ko
V2 !
JPEG - 174.1 ko
Richard @ the desk
JPEG - 164.5 ko
Placard @ V2
JPEG - 184 ko
Aymeric de Tapol
JPEG - 192.2 ko
Erik’s instrument
JPEG - 193.6 ko
Tamara Albaitis
JPEG - 333.7 ko
Tamara Albaitis
JPEG - 256.2 ko
Maria Balabas
JPEG - 210.6 ko
Joachim Montessuis
JPEG - 126.8 ko
JPEG - 186.7 ko
Kevin Logan
JPEG - 163.8 ko
JPEG - 137.5 ko
bruno & nicolas
JPEG - 162.2 ko
after gigs
JPEG - 244.6 ko
famous cubes
JPEG - 464.1 ko
JPEG - 275.8 ko
ravers on the way
JPEG - 271.8 ko
JPEG - 449.8 ko
JPEG - 122.9 ko
line up
JPEG - 183.9 ko
Tamara’s speakers

vendredi 8 août 2008

Rotterdam & work at V2

The boat left Antwerp tuesday 5th of August. It took 1 day and a half of navigation through Zélande to arrive in Rotterdam. On board, the artists appreciated the very impressive industrial landscape, full of beauty (you’ll soon be able to see a video of Vincent Voillat on his blog).

JPEG - 2.5 Mo
JPEG - 2.5 Mo
JPEG - 2.6 Mo

In Rotterdam, the artists took residence in WORM’s flat situated in the historical part of the city. Everyone is currently working at V2 : the artists are preparing their live of tonight, while the organisation team prepares le Placard of tomorrow and welcomes the new arrivants : the trainee Bruno, and the artist Tamara Albaitis.

JPEG - 3.1 Mo
JPEG - 3.7 Mo
JPEG - 2.8 Mo

Both events will be broadcasted on our webradio.

jeudi 7 août 2008

VUKOVAR vs ROTTERDAM pace & peace

After leaving the so lively city of Belgrad, 2 days of navigation and a short night stop in NoviSad we arrived tuesday evening in Vukovar-CROATIA. For both of us this is very impressive : the city has been nearly entirely destroyed during the very begining of the yougoslave conflict and even main there are a lot of new buildings lot of ruins can still be seen when you walk through the city. Unfortunately, Rosa Maric Vukovar City Museum’s director and our precious guide when we first visited the city is not in town but Mirela her assistant is helping us a lot (for example we are now working in their offices as our embedded web system cannot working : our boat perfectly docked is however too far from the shore for installing our satellite antenna).

In rosa’s offices, Resident artists are all preparing their performances that will take place tomorrow and saturday nearby the boat and in the museum Park.

Philip Griffiths (aka WPMG) is in town for location spotting as he prepared a new audiowalk with the same sound he used last week end in Belgrad.

Claudia Wegener, Gael Ségalen and Ludger Hennig had several appointments for interviews with inhabittants (Ludger today visited a profaned crypt (dried bodies and bones still lying out of the grave...) and the blockhaus where more 300 croatian inhabitants were standing nearly without food and water during the intense bombings before city surrendered in late 1991). Tô, also very impressed by the visit of the city, has made some underwater recordings of amazing aquatic insects that leave in the area...

ah... good news Andréa the serbian visual art student that helped us to set up the audiowalk in Belgrad had decided to join us by truck. She has arrived yesterday.


Friday 8th ESD DANUBE BOAT line up from 9pm to 11pm : Tô-FR / Aymeric de Tapol-FR (from Rotterdam) / Tanakan-FR / Joachim Montessuis-FR (from Rotterdam) / Gael Ségalen-FR ***event reported live on ESD webradio***

Saturday 9th VUKOVAR CITY MUSEUM PARK line up from 8pm to midnight Ludger Hennig-GER / WPMG-FR / Claudia Wegener-GER with Tô, WPMG, Ludger Hennig / Igor Stangliczky-SRB

mardi 5 août 2008

Placard and Sound drop in Antwerp

SOUND DROP__After 2 days of a workshop led by Vincent Voillat (artistic director of ESD), the sound drop took place in Antwerp during last week end (2d & 3th of August), between industrial landscape of the Harbour and some islets of nature and peace around the Antwerp’s lake.
Copyright : Gal_Obe

JPEG - 1019 ko
JPEG - 2.2 Mo
JPEG - 2.1 Mo
JPEG - 1 Mo
JPEG - 1.5 Mo
JPEG - 1.1 Mo
JPEG - 967.2 ko
JPEG - 859.7 ko
JPEG - 1.7 Mo

LE PLACARD - Headphone festival__a twelve hours Placard (6pm to 6 am) happened last saturday between Antwerp and Beograd. Below, some pictures of the session in Antwerp.
Copyright : Gal_Obe

JPEG - 742.6 ko
JPEG - 2.8 Mo
JPEG - 1.9 Mo
JPEG - 2.6 Mo
JPEG - 2.7 Mo
JPEG - 1.9 Mo
JPEG - 752.6 ko
JPEG - 658.3 ko
JPEG - 2.6 Mo

lundi 4 août 2008

Daily life in and around AIR Antwerpen

Artists, coordination team, workshop participants, public have all been warmly welcomed in this incredible house, AIR (Artists In Residence - special thanks to Félix and Philippe !). Located in the harbour of Antwerp between meadows, bridges and industries, the landscape and the atmosphere are really great, we felt like a magic freedom in this place.

JPEG - 3.7 Mo
JPEG - 3.4 Mo
JPEG - 4.5 Mo
JPEG - 920.7 ko
JPEG - 4.5 Mo
JPEG - 1 Mo

samedi 2 août 2008

Rhine Danube Live in antwerp (vs Beograd)

Friday 1st of August : the residents artists of the Rhine team played live in the covered part of the garden in AIR Atwerpen. Maria Balabas, Sillyconductor, François Martig, Aymeric de Tapol and Joachim Montessuis played alternatively with streamed sets from Beograd.

Copyright : Gal_Obe

JPEG - 913 ko
Maria Balabas
JPEG - 897.2 ko
François Martig
JPEG - 790.7 ko
François Martig
JPEG - 825.6 ko
JPEG - 1.2 Mo
beautiful public.
JPEG - 785 ko
Joachim Montessuis.
JPEG - 844.1 ko
Montessuis and de Tapol installing next set.
JPEG - 820 ko
Les 2 Âlpes playing live
JPEG - 2.8 Mo

vendredi 1er août 2008

Danube pix 2

some pictures from Phill Niblock & Katherine Liberovskaya. Thanks !!

JPEG - 159.2 ko
JPEG - 174.5 ko
JPEG - 176.7 ko
JPEG - 104.4 ko
JPEG - 132.2 ko
JPEG - 160.9 ko
JPEG - 161.8 ko
JPEG - 213.2 ko
JPEG - 203.2 ko
JPEG - 179.6 ko
JPEG - 264.5 ko
JPEG - 218.3 ko
JPEG - 120.4 ko
JPEG - 204.2 ko
JPEG - 126.4 ko
JPEG - 133.2 ko
JPEG - 135.6 ko
JPEG - 184.7 ko
JPEG - 133.3 ko
JPEG - 184.6 ko
JPEG - 131.7 ko
JPEG - 189.7 ko
JPEG - 194.6 ko
JPEG - 141.2 ko
JPEG - 153.8 ko
JPEG - 151.1 ko
JPEG - 176.5 ko
JPEG - 158.1 ko

Danube pix

fast connexion so the rhine team upload danube pix.. more here thanks xavier !

JPEG - 655.8 ko
JPEG - 453.9 ko
JPEG - 631.7 ko
JPEG - 751.7 ko
JPEG - 402.8 ko
JPEG - 490.8 ko
JPEG - 510.1 ko
JPEG - 652.7 ko
JPEG - 589.2 ko
JPEG - 585.3 ko
JPEG - 605.6 ko
JPEG - 578.3 ko
JPEG - 686.4 ko
JPEG - 728.9 ko
JPEG - 402.8 ko
JPEG - 590.7 ko
JPEG - 500.3 ko
JPEG - 373.1 ko

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